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eXtensia Technologies Launches New Website

eXtensia's new website

Posted by: Christopher LailCategory: News

eXtensia Technologies, a global leader in software development, technology services, and IT outsourcing, has released a new website utilizing some of the latest web technologies.

"In today's world of multiple platform web browsing, having a website that performs well across all aspect ratios is critical. Our new website was created so that our customer's web experience will work across many screen resolutions. The new website also gives our teams the ability to communicate our services, company news, and even some of the cool things we are working on more effectively. - David Taylor, president of eXtensia

eXtensia Technologies is a privately held corporation specializing in advanced software development, information technolgy system solutions, and information technolgoy mentoring and outsourcing programs. eXtensia Tech's products and solutions enjoy worldwide distribution and are known for their reliability and performance in demanding mission critical environments across a variety of industries.

How To Count XML Nodes Using Freemarker
July 12

Posted by: Christopher LailCategory: Technology,Tutorials,XML,Freemarker

In a recent development project, I was tasked to generate custom HTML files utilizing XML based data. We chose to utilize Freemarker to create our templates. I had a need to count nodes of the XML document I was working with in order to do some custom styling of the HTML document. I searched the web trying to find a working example and struggled to find one. I finally figured it out and thought I would share my findings for others with the same problem.

Here is a sample of the XML file

Sample XML

I wish to count the number of Packages in the XML file using Freemarker. The code to do so is:


Adding the "?size" to the end of the node you wish to exam will give you the node count as an output. In the above XML example the output is 2.