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About Us

About eXtensia Technologies

eXtensia Technologies is a privately held corporation specializing in advanced software and systems solutions for the engineering, health care and commercial business markets. Our products and solutions enjoy worldwide distribution and are known for their reliability and performance in demanding mission critical environments.

We offer businesses large and small affordable access to the cutting edge technology typically enjoyed by only the largest corporations. It is our goal to understand your business and to find the best possible solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.

The professional, high energy eXtensia team uses a balance of creativity and technology to deliver practical and effective solutions. Our innovative problem solving skills address the details, without losing sight of the big picture. At eXtensia, we believe strongly in working hard and going the extra mile to satisfy your needs.

eXtensia Technologies is located in Dulles, Virginia conveniently located next to the Dulles Airport.



At eXtensia, our business approach centers on listening and responding to our clients. By working with you, we gain valuable insight into your unique business needs:

  • Current challenges
  • Goals and objectives
  • Customers and marketplace
  • Existing applications and systems

Working with this information, eXtensia helps you explore the possibilities and choose the right technology solution to meet your business needs. The systems we create will be both scaleable and reusable in anticipation of your future needs. Our goal is to deliver cost effective solutions that enable your business to grow and respond quickly to the ever-changing needs and expectations of your customers.

At eXtensia, quality is a critical element of our success. Extensia delivers well-designed robust solutions that work right every time and handle the "what ifs". Our customers receive:

  • Quality solutions, well designed to meet the performance specifications
  • Designs that handle the unexpected, yet possible
  • Automated solutions that minimize management overhead
  • Systems that are easily maintained by the customer
  • Applications that have been thoroughly tested by eXtensia before deployment

Our success comes not only from building quality solutions, but also from building lasting relationships and trust with our clients.


At eXtensia, technology is the foundation of our business. We continually invest time and energy to understand and evaluate current technology trends and their potential applications. While we believe in aggressively pursuing new technologies, we also recognize the importance of selecting tools that best preserve your long-term technology investments.

This balanced approach gives us the ability to expertly advise our clients and to deliver quality solutions that solve the problems of today and beyond.


The choice of vendors and technologies is often a controversial topic. At eXtensia, we do not favor any particular vendor, but rather strive to find the best-in-class solution for each client. Our preference is for open standards since we believe this strategy best preserves your technology investments. Currently, we use tools and solutions from many industry-leading technology providers:

Some of the technologies we commonly use:

Apache HTTPD, Tomcat, Glassfish, IIS, WebSphere J2EE, JSP, .Net, PHP, ASP / ASPX Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Firebird Eclipse, ANT, TopStyle Java, Delphi, C++, C#, VB CSS, XHTML, XML, AJAX, XSTL, Web Services


eXtensia Technologies team members consist of well rounded individuals with various technical backgrounds including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and computer engineering. The differentiation between eXtensia and our competitors is that, our team members have all led lives outside of technology, and technology consulting. From marketing and sales, to finance and operations, our teams have vast understanding of what matters most to your business.


  • Vice President of a $1 Billion Per Year Company
  • Chief Architect of Software Design
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Operations Manager for a Fortune 500 company
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Senior Web and Graphic Designer
  • District Operations Manager